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  • FREE mobile app solution that helps travelers recover lost suitcases, backpacks, purses and more!
  • Custom DANGLE tag designs with personal data protection
  • Personal Concierge assists in baggage forwarding, emergency services and lost bag insurance claims
  • Purchase baggage insurance directly through our app!
  • Central lost and found registry for luggage

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Get your own DANGLE for FREE

US Travel Insurance Association estimates that 3.5 million bags were delayed, lost or damaged for domestic airlines alone
190,000 lost luggage reports are filed monthly in the US
Unclaimed or lost luggage goes to auction houses such as The Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama which is the state’s biggest tourist attraction!
Most common cause of lost luggage is when people check in their bags at the very last minute.
In 2014 24 million pieces of luggage were mishandled in Europe alone
According to the European Airline Association 3 million bags per year are estimated to be lost in Europe
One million bags a year in the EU are never returned to their owners
Even more luggage is lost between the hotel and the airport and during travels.

Customizable Security Tags

Configure and customize your DANGLE

  • Upload your own custom designed security tag
  • Select from pre-existing designs
  • Choose only the information you want
  • Set Finders Rewards
  • Print Paper DANGLE for FREE
  • Enter Bag Attributes for Easy Organization
Customizable Security Tags

Complete Travel Security Solution

Mobile App is Packed with Features

  • Manage all your Bags both travel and non-travel
  • Create customized tags for each of your Bags
  • Design your own or choose from existing tag designs
  • Print from mobile or web
  • One Click Access to Bag Forwarding and Lost Bag Claims
  • Personal Travel Concierge Service
Complete Travel Security Solution

Concierge Services via Mobile

Your own Live Personal Travel Assistant!

  • Our live concierge can arrange for full-service return of lost bags
  • Contacts emergency services in case you need help
  • Personal assistant services for travel or business
  • Performs research for you that search engines alone cannot
  • Makes restaurant and hotel reservations
Concierge Services via Mobile

Central Lost Bag Registry

Access our Marketplace

  • Search for lost bags via TagID, brand and other attributes
  • Post lost bags whether you are a DANGLE user or not!
  • Set and find rewards
  • Comment on lost bags
  • Stay anonymous
  • Find new and used suitcases for sale
Central Lost Bag Registry

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  • Participate in a multi billion dollar travel services industry
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Help us Fulfill our Mission

Our Team

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    Wilson is the key architect of the proposed new offering.

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    John is the original founder of

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    Mike York Senior Advisor

    Mike is a senior advisor on marketing to our team.  He has a wealth of experience in client acquisition strategies in the travel industry.  He was the former head of Head of Search and Optimisation – Digital Marketing at Flight Center Travel Group in Australia.

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